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Normal Plan  

Contact: Builde... Vote: Builde...
Age: 23 Years
Created: 12 days ago
Occupation: Developer
Overview About Me: 

A dude who likes anime and coding for fun, i have been on Discord for many years with a lot of experience and community work.

Why I should get hired:  I own several popular bots and projects with many community tools and fun features that i work on. I also moderate big servers such as Discord Boats and NekosLife and was even ex-staff for dank memers server. As a moderator i've always been fair with users and understand the issues that go on daily with lots of experience dealing with tough situations and raids too. Being a mod for a community server isn't just about being a mod for the looks it's about giving back to the community and helping out users if they have any issues.




3 Years


5 Servers


5H - 10H




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Previous Moderated Servers:


Discord Bo...

79000 Members


Nekos Life

7500 Members


Fluxpoint ...

8300 Members

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