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Normal Plan

Contact: WarNLo... Vote: WarNLo...
Age: 16 Years
Created: 55 days ago
Occupation: Manager
Overview About Me: 

Matt, Experienced server manager, Nolives Discord, knows every tip and trick in the book. Every look every sneaky setting, every joke, every usefull bot, every way of using Discord.

Why I should get hired:  Matt has over 5 years of experience at Discord even though he started in 2017 by making his account he started learning about Discord way before. He made one of the fastes growing servers of the Netherlands and works with Lead-Developers. Matt is a very nice and fun guy, but if you need help, he'll be very serious in his business. He does things like; Advertisement messages, Message-, Emoji- and Lettertypes. He knows how to make a fully-working server, including fancy channels, roles, permissions, bots (configurations) and more. Matt is very known with alot of utile non-Discord-affiliated sites, which can help your stay at Discord alot. He also knows every funny and interesting thing about Discord which would normally cost you hours on Youtube to find. And best of all, he is reachable most of the time and does it with pleasure :) My monthly salary has been decreased to just $50/month




5 Years


15 Servers


8H - 15H




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Previous Moderated Servers:



1500 Members



100000 Members

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