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Normal Plan

Contact: Xylo Vote: Xylo
Age: 14 Years
Created: 36 days ago
Occupation: Moderator
Overview About Me: 

Hello! My name is Xylo, i've been on discord for a while and I'm quite familiar with the site.

Why I should get hired:  Hello I'm Xylo, I'm familiar with discord and have had some experience moderating in servers. I'm quite active on discord, I Know how to work with different members in the servers. I can adapt to changes in servers easily. I'm usually looking through chats so I'm able to see if something is going on. Working for me is free and I'm usually quick to situations. Anyways hopefully you consider me for being a mod in your server!




3 Years


2 Servers


4H - 8H




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Previous Moderated Servers:


Shoguns Lo...

215 Members

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