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Contact: ++Roma... Vote: ++Roma...
Age: 18 Years
Created: 179 days ago
Occupation: Discord De...
Overview About Me: 

Hey guys! I’m a discord bot developer, therefore I work on bots. I have been making bots for a little over 3 years now and have started my very own project. Crimson is my current project and is great!

Why I should get hired:  I believe I am an experienced bot developer at hand and have the knowledge to make a discord bot that can do just about anything. I have built over 37 discord bots for users who were wanting a bot to start with, and they were pretty satisfied with the results as I gave them plenty of resources to use within the code via comments. I want to make building discord bots some kind of a job even though it already is in a way. But that would mean that I drop everything I’m doing and make a career out of this, and most likely will get my other developers involved in it if they choose to. Overall I get bored sometimes throughout the day, so I figured that I would come on here and make myself a profile, so that I can be available to assist users either starting out in their bot development era or if they are stuck on something or don’t know how to do a certain task and be able to help them out!




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12 Servers


5H - 10H




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