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Normal Plan

Contact: Keith ... Vote: Keith ...
Age: 14 Years
Created: 57 days ago
Occupation: Moderator
Overview About Me: 

A avid reader and writer with ambitions of positivity and the ability to help others! I'm always here to help!

Why I should get hired:  I am experienced among working for smaller friend-based discord. When someone needs something done, they come to me. I am currently learning how to code a bot. And in addition to working on small discord groups I also work as a Community Manager for a small game group. I spend most of my time working with others to make a better impact on my therapy/social discord, still growing. In other terms I am experienced in moderation, dealing with disobedient users and insubordination. Despite my demeanor, I try as often as possible to remain positive and active for others. I love to help others. It's just in my blood. I also spend sometime writing and reading in my spare time, so my grammar and spelling is on point and accurate. I'm always excited to offer a hand to help others within discord. The more I can help, the better I feel!




3 Years


15 Servers


3H - 5H







Previous Moderated Servers:



136 Members



40 Members

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