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Contact: DevMir... Vote: DevMir...
Age: 21 Years
Created: 175 days ago
Occupation: Website Mo...
Overview About Me: 

Hi, I am a discord bot developer who loves to code i code in JavaScript and have experience of creating webs.

Why I should get hired:  What i can make? I can make u a full multi-purpose discord bot in javascript. Why i should get hired? Well as of i am growing old i need a job to meet my expenses and become independent. How many years i have benn working on discord? I am working on discord for 4 years. How many bots i have created? I have totally of 4 bots from which 2 is verified PingPongBot & JokeBot.




4 Years


8 Servers


4H - 8H




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Previous Moderated Servers:


Infinity B...

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