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Contact: Diesel... Vote: Diesel...
Age: Private
Created: 37 days ago
Occupation: Developer/...
Overview About Me: 

Node.js / Learning Java Developer | Minecraft Server Owner / Developer | Amazing Guy

Why I should get hired:  Over the course of 3 years, I have self-taught JavaScript and Node.js, creating Discord bots, interacting with private and public APIs. Over the past 1-2 or so years I have been delving deeper (on and off) into Java and Java in Minecraft, getting a vaster knowledge on, not only how Java works but, how to create plugins to interact with the Minecraft API to create Minecraft plugins. I am still an entry-level at Java but I know a decent enough amount to create custom plugins for Minecraft servers or just messing around. I work well with clients and try to work hard to prioritize development projects over other things in order to quicken completion. I have much experience working as a lone developer with set tasks, but I also have shown to work well within a team to collaborate on code projects. I am a kind and calm person, I'm sure many can vouch for my previous work. :) Some info: ========= Email: As shown on this page Name: Jack (DieselJS) Country: England Languages: English (and a minute amount of French due to British schooling)




3 Years


30 Servers


2H - 4H







Previous Moderated Servers:


Fortnite N...

70000 Members


Discord Bo...

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Glenn Bot ...

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