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Contact: Andrea... Vote: Andrea...
Age: 18 Years
Created: 345 days ago
Occupation: CEO at Sup...
Overview About Me: 

A small content creator, bot developer, and business owner! I know many things, but moderating, developing and content creation on Twitch are my specialties!

Why I should get hired:  Since I am a fun person, that loves to help out people and do what I can to make other people's lives better! I think I should get hired since I am a person that pretty much everyone would like, since I can be fun, and loves to talk about random stuff that others tell me! I have many hours of coding, on doing this I got a verified Discord bot, that reached many goals, that later on was discontinued due to me starting new and bigger projects!




3 Years


12 Servers


6H - 12H




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Previous Moderated Servers:


Roman Atwo...

30394 Members


Tickets Bo...

5326 Members

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