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Contact: LetsCh... Vote: LetsCh...
Age: 15 Years
Created: 77 days ago
Occupation: Community ...
Overview About Me: 

Hey, im LetsChill, i am a python developer and i can make good quality discord.py bots, with 4 months of experience, i am a chilled person and have past experiences of moderating, i can mod for free.

Why I should get hired:  I am a calm person with past experiences of moderating, trustable and friendly, have no issues on taking judgments and stuff, i am highly active, i can make discord bots for free ngl (an advantage). some times i (with no trace) dissapeared from discord, but indeed i will make sure you know!. I moderated a 72k members server once (its not popular) and i moderated there for 5 months. i can be so cheap than usual.




3 Years


2 Servers


3H - 6H







Previous Moderated Servers:


Appcake se...

18000 Members

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