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Normal Plan

Contact: BenRed Vote: BenRed
Age: 15 Years
Created: 68 days ago
Occupation: freelance ...
Overview About Me: 

Hey!! MY name is Ben! I love to code / work on servers!! I cant wait to help you on your server and Make it better! I have lots of experience and Am online often. please DM me on discord to "hire" me

Why I should get hired:  HEY!! Im Ben. I want to be your developer!! I have been developing for 3 years and am good at front end web development! I have made a whole slew of Websites / bots and have lots of experience! I work for YOU and will work to get your site / bot done in the quickest time possible with extremely good results and delivery. I know HTML / CSS / JS and python. Im al




2 Years


5 Servers


3H - 6H




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Previous Moderated Servers:


Droplet De...

25000 Members


Mr Poll

150 Members


Snowcord D...

180 Members

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