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Contact: hiymi Vote: hiymi
Age: 14 Years
Created: 10 days ago
Occupation: Bot develo...
Overview About Me: 

I am a bot developer. I make all of my bots in Node.JS. I can make you a music bot, economy bot or a moderation bot.

Why I should get hired:  I can make you a Discord bot that is music, moderation or economy. I share all of my code in a private GitHub repository with the user that purchases the bot. This can be changed, of course. All of my bots are made in NodeJS. You may also add on to the bot by committing in the repository. My bots come with a customizable prefix, name and profile picture. There will be no credits in the bot, except for the help command. I will host the bot.




1 Year


2 Servers


3H - 5H




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Previous Moderated Servers:


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Well looks like this user is new to Moderation! 😊

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