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Contact: .𝓓𝖆�... Vote: .𝓓𝖆�...
Age: Private
Created: 54 days ago
Occupation: Moderator
Overview About Me: 

I am a very good mod and I can be helpful in anyway! I don't need salary, i just love helping!

Why I should get hired:  I am a good mod and very active. I have a lot of experience and I have my own shop server. You should hire me because I get along with a lot of people and I am kind. I can help in anyway I can. You don't need to give me salary as well. I am for free because I just like helping! I hope you can hire me and that would make me very happy. I can also do some extra stuff for your server and you like adding bots, make it aesthetic etc. Nice!




1 Year


20 Servers


3H - 6H







Previous Moderated Servers:



106 Members

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