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Age: 14 Years
Created: 77 days ago
Occupation: Student
Overview About Me: 

Hello. My name is Daniel. I am very kind and respectful and I am always willing to help out anyone if it is needed. I also am a Discord bot developer and I know discord.py.

Why I should get hired:  I believe that you should hire me because I have a moderate to high activity from 5 hours to 7 hours. This is a good thing as you are going to need less staff members to moderate your Discord server. If you are looking for me for Discord bot development, high activity is also good so your bot can be completed in a faster time and therefore your project will be completed faster. I believe that you should also hire me because I have past experience in Discord server moderation. I have worked at UpBeat (1498 server members), Chill Lounge (62 server members), UpBeat Trucking (54 server member) and many other smaller servers. In the Discord bot developer department, I started learning discord.py a year ago. I have made Discord bots for UpBeat Trucking and ShannRose and other open Discord bots like Radio Stats and The Discord Restaurant. As well as that, I believe that you should hire me because I do not jump to conclusions. This is very important when dealing with Discord server moderation as a wrong moderation can cause community drama. I have also had practise with many Discord bots such as ProBot, Dyno, MEE6, Carl Bot and Vortex. Finaly, I believe that should hire me because I am kind, caring a polite to all people. This is a really good skill as it can lead to your members having a better experience in your server.




1 Year


7 Servers


4H - 7H







Previous Moderated Servers:



1498 Members


Chill Loun...

62 Members


UpBeat Tru...

54 Members

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