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Contact: Bryce Vote: Bryce
Age: 14 Years
Created: 39 days ago
Occupation: Moderator
Overview About Me: 

Hello my name is Bryce I am a developer I like to code JavaScript CSS ,js,java and more I like the code websites bots and other things that are really cool I am very kind. And very professional...?..

Why I should get hired:  Why you should hire me is I am very professional and good at coding and doing other things I like doing my job and I'm free I do not cost any money that's why I think you should pick me I have the most experience and I'm very good at doing certain codes and stuff like that like I said earlier I am very mature and professional at doing my job when I do it and I always always ask how they want me to do it and what they want me to do and that's how I do it I am always on Discord like everything today when I wake u I always check this quite there was never a day I'm not on Discord I'm always on it always checking it I'm currently in two hosting companies I work for that actually host bots and websites and stuff like that and I love my job I'm actually a developer in those two companies and a moderator in those two companies I have so much fun coding the bots and websites and other things




4 Years


80 Servers


5H - 9H







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84 Members

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