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Contact: Vibe Vote: Vibe
Age: 17 Years
Created: 38 days ago
Occupation: Elite Deve...
Overview About Me: 

I am caz, I am 17 from scotland in the united kingdom, I use discord on a day to day basis mainly developing websites, bots, and fivem scripts, i own a fivem server called AGC which is very active.

Why I should get hired:  You Should Hire Me Because I Am A Very intelligent Person And Can Bring A lot To Your Server(s), I have experience with pretty much all bots for moderating and can bring a 0 toxicity vibe to any server in the world, I work well with other staff making me a team player and have a very very good reputation, I was an E-sPorts manager for around a year and worked for very reputable orgs and Fear Customs and I have also owned a development company called elite development, i am also a very good developer that is very trusted I can code (C++, C#, Objective-C, GO, JS, PY, LUA, HTML, MERN Stack, PHP) And I Aspire to a be software engineer when the time comes to get a job, You should hire me as a developer/moderator as I will make your server/website/bot/project better and will dedicate my time and sweat into it and I will also help you out of a personal level if needed




3 Years


20 Servers


7H - 13H






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