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Contact: Hinase Vote: Hinase
Age: 17 Years
Created: 92 days ago
Occupation: Bot Develo...
Overview About Me: 

Hey! Please call me Hinase, I'm a Genderqueer Developer and (Even though I didn't do it before) volunteer Moderator

Why I should get hired:  Hey, looks like you've made your Way to me! First I'll talk a bit about myself. Please call me Hinase, and refer to me with the xier/xiem or they/them pronouns. I'm an intermediate Programmer, always happy to support Servers by creating Bots for them, Designing Websites (Even though I'm not good at it) or moderating Servers. I'm a friendly Person, I'd say, and I won't ever decline a request, Exceptions are made for Homo/Trans/Xenophobic, Racist or just generally inappropriate ones. I'm also a talkative Person, so if you ever just need someone to talk to, then I'm also happy to be there Oh, and if it would ever happen that I don't respond to a request, feel free to DM me or send a mail. If you would like reading more about me, Go ahead and visit my PronounsPage (@Hinase) or my GitHub (HinaseDev), or just directly contact me! PS: I'M NOT 17 I TYPED MY BIRTHDAY WRONG




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