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Site Moderator  

Contact: Saria Vote: Saria
Age: 21 Years
Created: 180 days ago
Occupation: Administra...
Overview About Me: 

21 Year old discord user. I can Moderate your Servers, and can program some basic Bots.

Why I should get hired:  I am a 21 year old Discord Mod that has a tad bit of experience in Coding. I am currently studying Computer Science at university. I am always on the look out for new and interesting things. I like to make people laugh, and I'm always willing to learn. Well, what else can I say? I do not *require* Payment, but if you pay me, you'll get a pin on my (Coming soon) Website <3




1 Year


6 Servers


2H - 3H




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Previous Moderated Servers:


Voltic Dev...

299 Members


Idiot Loun...

30 Members

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