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Normal Plan  

Contact: ZeroTw... Vote: ZeroTw...
Age: 19 Years
Created: 18 days ago
Occupation: Moderator
Overview About Me: 

I am a Hobby Developer. That's why I don't need Payment. I create websites and Bots because It's fun... I am 19 Years old, studying Physics and Maths and I live in the USA. I mainly Program in Python.

Why I should get hired:  Alright. So first of all, I work for free. I have never asked for donations. I have never accepted Donations. I just want to help People and have fun. Next: I have a lot of experience. I created many Bots by myself. Also, I am Administrator in all 5 Servers I ever worked in. I will say here: I'm just a Human. I'm not perfect. I try my best to satisfy your wishes but I cannot make any Promises. Whether you need a Moderator or a Developer or just someone to talk to, I'm here for you! Also, since People keep asking me, I will state here: I'm not an IT Professional. In fact, I don't even study IT. I am a physics student. I just find fun and pleasure in coding and helping People. Now something about me myself (In a nutshell): - I am 19 Years old - I study physics and maths - I am Friendy - I speak fluent German and English - I'm always ready to help you - I am (almost) always active - I can develop Webpages and Bots for you.




1 Year


5 Servers


4H - 7H







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