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Website use License

More boring Legal Mumbo-Jumbo


“You” and “Licensee” refers to the person, entity or organization which is downloading and/or using the source code for the jobcord.co website, and any successor or assignee of same. “This Agreement" refers to this license agreement, and terms and conditions specified herein. “Source Code” refers to the JobCord project, website, themes, or any copyrightable work licensed under This Agreement. “JobCord" refers to the website jobcord.co, its owner, and its successors, or manufacturer and owner of the source code.

Ownership of Source Code and Copyrights


You are not authorized to make any modification(s) to our Website or Source Code.

Authorized Use

You may not use our Website or Source Code for any personal, nonprofit or commercial purposes.


Limited Warranty

Our Website and Source Code are provided on a "as is" basis and JobCord disclaims all warranties relating to its Website and Source Code, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of premium and resale for a particular purpose.



This Agreement is the entire agreement between you and JobCord relating to the Licensed Website and Source Code, and supersedes all prior written or oral statements, promises, representations and agreements.

Governing Law